Disclaimer: *These results are only typical of clients who followed the nutrition plan given to them by Dangerously Fit, showed up to their training sessions consistently, & worked hard to achieve their fitness goals.

Simon lost 18.8 kilos!*

Rebecca lost 6 kilos!*

Jeremy lost 10.3 kilos!*

Ryan Stubna lost 11.2Kgs!*

Jackie Tate lost 8.1Kg!*

Nick Lost 13 Kilos!*

Mike Lost 14.5 Kilos!*

Vanessa Lost 10 Kilos!*

Simon Lost 20 Kilos!*

Darren Lost 11.3 Kilos!*

Chris Lost 6.5 Kilos!*

Natalie Lost 7.1 Kilos!*

Lorna Lost 12 Kilos!*

Selina Lost 7.2 Kilos!*

Liam Lost 23 Kilos!*

Ian Lost 8.5 Kilos!*

Gareth Lost 8 Kilos!*

Killian Lost 16 Kilos!*

Joel Lost 9.4 Kilos!*

Linda lost 10 Kilos!*

Tom Lost 9 Kilos!*

Trina Lost 7.4 Kilos!*

Marianne Lost 9.7 Kilos!*

Graeme Lost 13.1 Kilos!*

Joel lost 9.4 Kilos!*

Graeme Lost 13.1 Kilos!*

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… then What Do these Pictures Say About Dangerously Fit?

Tamara Lost 28 Kilos!*


Stafford Lost 11.1 Kilos!*


Marry-Anne Lost 21 Kilos!*


Killian Lost 16 Kilos!*


Adriana Lost 26 Kilos!*

Franc Lost 22.5 Kilos!*

Arnuad Lost 13 Kilos!*

Michelle Lost 5.5 Kilos!*

Matt Lost 22 Kilos!*

Vicky Lost 15 Kilos!*

Tony Lost 14 Kilos!*

Peita Lost 5 Kilos!*

Gareth lost 8 kilos!*

Kate lost 8 kilos!*

Kristoffer lost 7.2 kilos!*

Jacki lost 6.7kg!*

Erin lost 7.4 kilos!*

Christine lost 6cm round her hips & 5.5cm round her waist!*

Michael lost 15 kilos!*

Taryn lost 5 kilos!*


Disclaimer: * Results may vary from person to person but if you lose 10% of your total body weight during the 6-week challenge Dangerously Fit will refund you the cost of your program